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A Little About Who We Are and How We Can Help You!

Fiber Services has been providing fabric care and cleaning services to the Acadiana area since 1983. Our initial goal was to open this area’s only “Fiber-Seal Fabric Care Service Center”. Protecting fine fabrics, rugs, carpet, upholstered furniture, and automobiles was the only service we provided until we saw a need to also include quality cleaning services to our repertoire. Slowly but surely we began to accumulate more and more cleaning jobs and since then we have managed to go through five truck mounted cleaning machines over the years.

There came a point where we wanted to take our area rug cleaning capabilities to the next level. Upon receiving certification from the Auserehlian and Company Rug Cleaning School and being prepared to offer an unparalleled rug cleaning service, we were then visited by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Turning a frown upside down, we were then inundated with over 400 hurricane stressed rugs to restore. What a way to get the ball rolling! Our rug cleaning facility is located at 600 Crestlawn Drive on Lafayette’s Southside. Our customers are welcome to bring their rugs to us or we can also provide pick up services. Give us a call at 337-988-1167 for more information.

At FiberServices we understand the importance of a good reputation and quality service. You can’t have one without the other. That is why we fully guarantee our cleaning results, even on pet contaminated area rugs. Our staff has over fifty years of combined experience in our industry and our primary goal is to make our clients happy through quality work and great customer service. Whether you need a thorough steam cleaning for your carpet, a meticulous hand washing for your area rug, or the finest protection for your upholstery and fabrics, FiberServices has the experience and technology to properly handle your cleaning and protection needs.

The FiberServices team was born and raised right here in Acadiana. We have been at our Crestlawn Drive location for over 20 years. So give us a call at 337-988-1167. Our high-tech voice mail system will take your information and relay it back to us where we will then respond in a timely manner. Once in touch, feel free to request a direct number for contacting us.