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Rotary, Brushless, Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Now you can have your carpets cleaned in the morning and entertain in the afternoon.
We guarantee your carpets will be clean AND dry in two to four hours, depending on conditions. Enjoy sparkling fresh carpets that you can walk on shortly after cleaning.
Your carpet will be cleaner and will stay cleaning longer. The Hydramaster RX-20 and Drimaster Cleaning Method leaves far less detergents in the carpet to attract dirt and soil.
Low residual cleaning eliminates the chance of shrinkage and over wetting the pad.
We leave your house smelling fresh and clean. No wet carpets means no bad wet carpet smells.
If you are a do it your-selfer then let us know. We will be happy to adjust your cleaning price based on your involvement in moving furniture, rugs, beds and personal items.
You'll see the difference in our carpet cleaning by the way our certified technicians carefully and skillfully move furniture, and pre-vacuum your carpet and baseboards. Our ability to clean and remove all bacteria-laden soil down to the carpet's backing using our brushless rotary tools connected to the most effective truck-mounted carpet cleaning system available We can restore your carpet's health providing you with a cleaner environment for you or your employees.

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