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A professional, thorough drape cleaning service performed by our expert technicians in your home or office. Each panel is meticulously inspected, vacuumed, spot cleaned and cleaned using industry standard techniques. We even prevent the spread of dust and dander by using high efficiency HEPA air scrubbers to remove airborne contaiminants while we clean. Of course, if the conditon of your drapes are beyond what we can effectively do on-location we will recommend removal and provide you with a cost for cleaning each item in our cleaning plant. Whichever is best for you and your drapes.

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Don't forget FIBER-SEAL. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Protect your investment in fine fabrics. New drapes are best cared for by having us apply one of our custom protective treatments right after installation. Our treatments prevent every day contaminants from penetrating the fibers making routine vacuuming more efficient. Keep your window dressing looking newer for longer the FIBER-SEAL way.

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