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We then raise your rug out of the wash pit and rinse it again with gallons and gallons of fresh clear water. This is why we can say that your rug is baby safe. We make it a point to leave no residue behind.

After drying, which usually takes approximately 24 hours, we hand clean the fringes and perform our final grooming procedures. This is also the point at which we can apply one of Fiber-Seal’s protective treatments as well as moth proofing. We also custom cut and size new rug pads if needed.

Our work is guaranteed.  We fully guarantee complete removal of pet contamination. Call today for rug washing in Lafayette, LA.

We dust your rug using compressed air to remove harmful dry particles that regular vacuuming cannot remove. It’s quite amazing how nice many area rugs look after this first step.

Washing is next. We fully submerge your area rug in our wash pit and give it a good old fashion gentle scrubbing. Just like your washing machine we add just the right combination of cleaning agents and agitate. We clean both front and back and we don’t stop until the water is crystal clear.


Welcome to our Lafayette Rug Cleaning website. Here you can explore why we can guarantee you that our rug cleaning services are by far the very best in all of Acadiana for you, your family and for your rug. We will show you why it is not necessary for you or your rug dealer to ship your rug off to Houston or New York for cleaning. Not only will your rug return home looking fresh and clean, it will be fresh and clean throughout.

Whether we arrange for a professional in-home pickup or you drop your rug off at our South Lafayette cleaning plant, the entire process begins with a thorough inspection. Together, we measure and inspect your fine textile for insects, insect damage, pet contamination, physical defects and age related conditions. We can discuss the cleanability of your rug by giving you realistic expectations of what you can expect from our services. We can provide you with quotations on cleaning, repair, protective treatments, allergy treatments and rug underlayments. Just about anything that has anything to do with you living comfortably with your fine textile.

Our rug cleaning process is similar to old world techniques with new age equipment.

Here’s what you get:

A professionally hand washed area rug that is free of dust, dirt, sand, dander, pet contamination and every day spills and spots. We guarantee it. You get a freshly washed rug that has been submerged, disinfected, deodorized and sanitized. And best of all it has been rinsed. Rinsed with gallons and gallons of fresh, clear water leaving your rug free of chemical and organic residues. We are not your everyday carpet cleaner doing area rugs on the side. We are in this business because we are equipped, educated and eager to provide you with the very best rug cleaning service that you have ever had.

Here’s what you need to know about our rug cleaning:

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